Universities Must Offer Skill Based Education

A degree alone means nothing; what matters is the skill set & skill-based education that our universities give their students, according to federal minister.

Universities Must Offer Skill Based Education

“A degree alone means nothing; what matters is the skill set and skill-based education that our universities give their students. “Since the modern world places a higher value on skilled workers than it does on degree holders or armchair scientists, it is crucial for engineering universities in particular to provide students with modern technology and familiarize them with technical knowledge and skills ” according to the federal minister for planning, development, and special initiatives.

The minister made these comments while presiding over a meeting of the Higher Education Commission, the Pakistan Engineering Council, the Institution of Engineers Pakistan, vice chancellors of the nation’s engineering universities, and industry representatives.

The goal of the meeting was to create a plan of action for reviewing engineering university curricula and modernizing teaching techniques to keep engineering education competitive globally.

The federal minister for planning has urged engineering universities to revise their curricula in light of the demands of the national market and the challenges posed by the fourth industrial revolution.

The minister said, “We need to break “ego-systems” and instead create “eco-systems” of innovation in our universities.” A task force made up of representatives from the vice chancellors of engineering universities, the HEC, PEC, IEP, and the engineering industry was chosen. The task force would provide its recommendation and overall implementation following its extensive expert-level deliberations and thorough review.

It should be noted that the planning minister has been conducting such evaluations ever since the government took office in April last year, reaffirming his commitment to maintaining higher education as one of the top priorities.

Despite the severe financial crisis, the federal government has been providing funding to the HEC and universities since it took office last year in order to upgrade the education and infrastructure of the public sector universities as well as the higher education programs they offer.

Skill-based education emphasizes the acquisition of practical, hands-on skills and knowledge that can be applied in real-world situations. It focuses on the development of specific skills, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and communication, rather than just imparting theoretical knowledge.