The company said it plans to quadruple its battery manufacturing capacity by the end of 2023. New grid-scale LFP battery, The 2.8 MWh lithium-ferro phosphate battery will be unveiled at the RE+ conference in California.

New grid-scale LFP battery from Canadian Solar

A new Canadian Solar battery product will be unveiled at the RE+ conference in Anaheim, California, a large event that will bring together leaders in renewable energy and clean technologies from Sept. 19-22. New grid-scale LFP battery, The battery is a utility-scale lithium-ferro-phosphate (LFP) battery with a 2.8 MWh energy capacity. LFP chemistry is hailed for cutting the risk of thermal runway, or fires, that can be problematic in other lithium-based battery systems. Called the SolBank, the system is designed for safety, reliability, and bankability. The battery enclosure contains liquid cooling mechanisms and humidity control, and active balancing battery management systems. The company said the technology complies with the latest international safety standards. Canadian Solar’s majority owned subsidiary CSI Energy Storage produces the unit in Jiangsu Province, China. The current annual battery manufacturing output capacity is 2.5 GWh and is expected to reach 10 GWh by the end of 2023. The SolBank product will be displayed at Canadian Solar’s booth #2204, Anaheim Convention Center, Halls A-D.

CSI Energy Storage also provides full commissioning and integration services, turnkey engineering, procurement, and construction project execution and long-term operational service and capacity maintenance. New grid-scale LFP battery, As of Q2 2022, the company’s system integration total pipeline reached 11 GWh, including 861 MWh under long-term service agreements, 1.9 GWh under construction or contracted and an additional earlier stage pipeline of 8.2 GWh. “Our manufacturing capacity in battery storage will spur the continued growth of our battery storage solutions business, which will in turn enhance the synergies with our battery storage project development business,” said Dr. Shawn Qu, chair and CEO of Canadian Solar. “Solar plus battery storage will be one of the key solutions to combat climate change.”

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