China is working to increase its pumped storage hydropower facilities, as the country aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. Guan Yang has more about a major hydropower project in the city of Dunhua in Jilin Province.

Energy Storage Technology Chinas pumped storage hydropower facilities promote green energy transition

One hundred meters underground, here it comes four power generators of China’s new generation of pumped storage hydropower plant. This facility in Dunhua with a capacity of 1.4 gigawatts is the biggest of its kind in China’s northeast. After nine years of construction, the whole station became operational earlier this year. WANG GUILIN Safety Director Dunhua Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Power Station “We’ve overcome many technical challenges; the underground tube must withstand a water column pressure equivalent to twice the height of Canton Tower; it’s the country’s first dam constructed in extreme cold weather.”

GUAN YANG Dunhua, Jilin Province “Pumped storage hydropower is the most common type of energy storage in use today. It saves excess power by pumping water from a lower reservoir to an upper reservoir when electricity demand is low, and releases it to generate power when demand is high.” This is just the beginning: driven by climate goals and the growing need for energy system flexibility, China has set the target of building 200 pumped hydro stations by 2025 with a combined capacity of 270 gigawatts – about the generating capacity of 12 Three Gorges dams. Here in Dunhua, the operating hours of the new plant will depend on how grid operators decide to dispatch it in the most cost-effective way. MA LONGBIAO Director Dunhua Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Power Station “The project will significantly increase the region’s power system regulation ability, and promote green energy transition. In the long run, the plant will be operating in line with the country’s needs for integrating variable renewable energy sources.”

According to the International Hydropower Association, pumped storage accounts for over 90 percent of the world energy storage capacity. Experts say developing energy storage is a key step in China’s transition from fossil fuels to a renewable energy mix. LI YANG Deputy Director Dunhua Development and Reform Commission “The plant is seen as a role model for the region’s energy conservation by reducing energy waste during off-peak hours. It’s also provided employment opportunities and ensured steady power grid operations for the local economy.”

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