Recent Floods Causes Over 120 Cuts in Fiber Network Across Pakistan, The optical fiber grid received more than 120 cuts at various locations during the catastrophic floods in the country.

Recent Floods Causes Over 120 Cuts in Fiber Network Across Pakistan

According to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) officials, around 250 bridges have been destroyed due to floods across the country, in most of which the flood water has washed away the optical fibers along with the bridges. Optical fibers received cuts at more than 120 locations across the country. Under normal conditions, Floods Causes Over 120 Cuts in Fiber, the optical fiber receives two or four cuts annually. It takes three to four hours to splice a cut of optical fiber in a very favorable environment. Conditions in the flood-affected areas were not very favorable as bridges washed away the optical fiber with them, and there was no communication system on either side of the water.

The catastrophic flood not only damaged the north-south and center system of optical fiber but also optical fiber rings connecting different parts of the country were also destroyed. Teams from PTCL, Wateen, and worked day and night under the supervision of PTA and restored the optical fiber. During this period, only two days, 19 and 23 August, the internet was affected in different parts of the country and restored after a few hours, Floods Causes Over 120 Cuts in Fiber, the PTA official added. According to MoITT, Federal Minister Syed Amin Ul Haq has also appreciated the efforts of the telecommunication companies for restoring the communication system in extraordinary circumstances. The restoration of optical fiber and communication systems will speed up the ongoing rescue and rehabilitation activities in the affected areas.

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