Germany-Pakistan Future Summit 2022 was held in Berlin to build bridges between emerging leaders from Pakistan and the leading innovation ecosystems of the world.

Germany-Pakistan Future Summit 2022 held to establish links between countries' startups

The event provided awareness regarding opportunities for Pakistani tech professionals working in the German labour market and startup sector. Germany-Pakistan Future Summit 2022, The summit has been previously conducted in Silicon Valley, USA; Oslo, Norway, and Istanbul, Turkey, featuring the participation of more than 500 high-profile delegates from Pakistan. Germany-Pakistan Future Summit 2022, The 6th edition of the summit was hosted in Berlin, Germany, between September 1-7 featuring a select delegation of entrepreneurs, technology experts, and corporate and public sector leaders. The future summit was a half-day B2B networking event whereas the delegates had the opportunity to participate in a seven-day program featuring the events and logistical support.

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