Multiversus isn’t done with its roster in the slightest, and keeps on expanding in unexpected ways. The surprisingly good fighting game from Warner Bros is adding in as many iconic characters as it can with weekly updates and the next friendly faces getting thrown into the battle are Gizmo and Stripe from the film Gremlins.

Gizmo and Stripe are coming to Multiversus and are 'two separate characters'

Gremlins is a 1984 comedy horror film starring these furry little fiends. Even if you’ve never seen it you’re probably acquainted with the cultural significance of these beasts. I mean, we’ve all been taught from parody, quotes, and memes on the internet never ever to feed mogwai after midnight as they undergo a terrible transformation. The two main ‘Gremlins‘ in the film are Gizmo and Stripe, though there are plenty of others involved. Though both Gizmo and Stripe are mogwai as is their traditional name or gremlins they have very different personalities. In brawlers it’s not uncommon that similar characters will just have a skin swap rather than a full new set of moves. As such, it was a pleasant surprise when Multiversus game director Tony Huynh tweeted that Gizmo and Stripe were different characters altogether.

We’ve not yet seen the full set of moves of either character but we’ve now got the first official trailer for their appearance which fans are already theorising over. The bike and the blade saw could definitely appear in the movesets but there is so much possible junk in the teaser, as well in the film, that could be involved in the game. This announcement has also been met with a light amount of disappointment from certain fans. Many people have been hoping to see Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty added to the game, but realistically he’s probably just around the corner. Until then it’s very easy to get your fill of Justin Roland comedy from the new trailers of High on Life

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