Warner Bros has filed for a trademark on the chunky bunny meme in the European Union. There are a lot of big names in Warner’s cartoon fighting game MultiVersus (opens in new tab), but one bigger than all the rest may soon be on the way. That’s right, I’m talking about the one, the only, the chunky bunny boi, Big Chungus.

Big Chungus may be coming to MultiVersus

Big Chungus may be coming to MultiVersus, The potential presence of Big Chungus was revealed in a European Union trademark filing(opens in new tab), dug up and shared on Twitter by Andrew Marmo First things first. Big Chungus, as explained by Know Your Meme(opens in new tab), originates from a 1941 Merrie Melodies cartoon(opens in new tab) in which Elmer Fudd tries to find some peace and quiet at Jellostone Park, and Bugs Bunny, for no reason except that he’s kind of a dick,MultiVersus , immediately and without provocation begins hassling him. In one of his asides, Bugs balloons up to make fun of Elmer, who in this early iteration (before taking on his more well-known hunter persona) was notably obese and bulbous-headed. The word “chungus” was apparently coined by videogame journalist Jim Sterling sometime prior to December 2012. Several years later, near the end of 2016, someone had the bright idea to put them together, and thus was Big Chungus born. It’s not the most sophisticated meme of all time, but it is pretty funny.

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