The China-Pakistan Medical Association and the China Academy of Chinese Medicine jointly established the Pak-China Traditional Medical Alliance in Jinan, China.

Pak-China Traditional Medical Alliance established in Jinan, China

Pak-China Traditional Medical Alliance established in Jinan, The event was organized at the Jinan International Talent and Innovation Center in collaboration with the Lixia Government. President of Pakistan China Medical Association Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz and officials of ten Chinese and Pakistani universities, relevant leaders of Li Xia District, party committee secretary of Shandong Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Yu Jingzi, relevant leaders of Provincial Health and Health Commission and Relevant leaders of Provincial Science and Technology Department and Chief Executive of Pakistan Drug Regulatory Authority Asim Rauf expressed their views and welcomed the establishment of China-Pakistan Traditional Medicine and Infectious Diseases Prevention and Control Alliance.

The signing ceremony of the Belt and Road International Science and Technology Cooperation Resource Service Center and the signing ceremony for Shandong Shanwei Immunization Technology Co., Ltd. was also held. The Alliance will promote Research, professional training and the use of modern technology to foster partnerships in traditional herbal medicine.

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