Livestock and Dairy Development Department (L&DDD) Punjab has expressed its desire to seek technical assistance from the World Bank for tackling the Lumpy skin disease (LSD).

Lumpy skin disease Punjab Livestock dept seeks World Bank’s assistance

The department showed keen interest in developing technical collaboration with the World Bank during a visit of the Special Representative of the World Bank Giancarlo Ferrari during meeting with the L&DDD’s Core Team (Lumpy Skin Disease) at Veterinary Research Institute, Lahore. The purpose of the visit was to review the measures taken by Punjab’s Livestock department for the control of lumpy skin disease. The expert session discussed, in detail, current situation of LSD in the province, department’s disease reporting/ diagnostic and vaccination strategy. Director General (Research) Dr Abdul Rehman briefed the session about the current scenario of LSD in Punjab.

Livestock experts expressed their interest for technical cooperation from the World Bank in the fields of vaccine production and disease surveillance. The World Bank representative also visited Vaccine Production Units and Quality Control Cell. Giancarlo Ferrari said that effective measures have been taken by the Livestock department to prevent LSD. The special representative also praised the role of the vaccine production, disease reporting and communication wing in the department’s fight against LSD.

Giancarlo Ferrari stated that LSD can be controlled with a ban on animal movement and an effective vaccination strategy. The meeting was also attended by Additional Secretary (Technical), Director Generals (Extension), and Director Veterinary Research Institute, Director Communication, Director ADDRs and other officers from Livestock Punjab. To view the ground realities, disease intensity & departmental measures Giancarlo Ferrari also visited the LSD affected areas. He met with the farmers and gave his valuable instructions about the disease.

He stated that in experts opinion animals can attain immunity against LSD after 28 days of vaccination. He also had an interactive Kissan Livestock Baithek session with the farmers in Kissan Livestock Baithek and discussed the expert recommendation regarding vaccination & disease management.

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