An Elden Ring and Bloodborne fan creates a crossover art piece depicting the good hunter facing off against Malenia, Goddess of Rot.

Now almost 3 whole months removed from its release date, Elden Ring continues to dominate the video game market in both sales numbers and popularity. Still sitting near the top of Steam’s most played games as well as sporting a thriving online community, Elden Ring looks as though it is far from fading into the background of the industry.

Though there are much larger reasons for the game’s success that can be easily pointed out, such as its massive open world or its fulfilling boss fights, another reason for the game’s success is its story and world-building elements. However, due to the nature of the story being told through NPCs, items, quest lines, and short dialogue, figuring out Elden Ring’s overarching storyline can be a big challenge for players.

This is especially true due to the game having several different endings, each with its own lore implications. The plot also thickens further with the reappearance of Patches in Elden Ring, who has been a character constantly showing up in FromSoftware games. Due to his presence in Bloodborne, the Dark Souls trilogy, and now Elden Ring, there’s no telling how each game is intertwined with another. Recently, a fan of the games dedicated an art piece to a crossover between two of them, creating a beautiful painting of Malenia meeting her match against Bloodborne’s good hunter.
Reddit user shimhaq98, creator of the art piece, dedicated it to the good hunter and Malenia’s boss fight, ultimately deciding that the good hunter would come out on top. Shimhaq98 even went as far as to show the good hunter holding Malenia’s blade to her throat; the good hunter was also left standing as Malenia, now armless, sat on the ground awaiting her demise. This level of disrespect towards the game’s boss is perhaps second only to Let Me Solo Her’s thousand Elden Ring Malenia kills, making for an amazing work of art as well as a sign of disrespect.

However, the art piece as well as FromSoftware easter eggs like Patches in Elden Ring brings up further questions about Malenia’s fight; specifically, it begs the question of which FromSoftware protagonist could most easily dispatch the goddess of rot. Many Reddit users pointed out that Malenia feels like a Bloodborne boss with her fast pace and healing ability, making her an easy target for the good hunter. However, others pointed out that Wolf from Sekiro would easily dispatch the boss, especially since he could parry every hit of her waterfowl dance. Regardless of which protagonist is the most well-equipped for the fight, shimhaq98 clearly has their favorite already lined up. The best art transcends its medium, and in this case, shimhaq98’s piece got FromSoftware fans to bicker over who could most easily kill Malenia.

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