Tesla has begun installing solar panels on the building of the Giga Berlin car factory. The company is committed to using sustainable energy to produce environmentally-friendly vehicles.

Tesla has always wanted to help the world to expedite from a mine-and-burn hydrocarbon economy toward a solar electric economy. Building new factories, the manufacturer planned to install solar panels to power them with electricity. Thus, solar panels continue to cover Giga Nevada and Giga Texas, and recently, the first installations were spotted on Giga Berlin.

Observer of Giga Berlin’s construction progress, @tobilindh/Twitter, noticed something interesting during his recent drone flyby. The first few clusters of solar panels were installed on the rooftop of one of the workshops of the car factory building. A total of 13 rows were spotted with 60 to 68 solar panels in each row.

Although we do not know the characteristics of the solar panels, this number looks impressive and can certainly supply a large amount of electricity to the Giga Berlin electrical grid. At the moment, no energy storage units have been seen installed outside, so it can be assumed that the panels will power the factory during the day. However, when Giga Berlin was in the installation of equipment phase, at least one Powerpack was spotted near the building. It could also hint that Tesla may have, or plan in the future, the placement of energy storage batteries to at least partially power the factory even at night.

Tesla planned Giga Berlin from the very beginning as a sustainable factory, powered by solar energy and windmills, that are located relatively close to the plant. The manufacturer stated: “Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg will have a solar roof and aims to use renewable electricity to help Germany and Brandenburg achieve its ambition ‘Energiewende’ objectives.” At the moment, everything indicates that Tesla is acting according to a predetermined plan and making Giga Berlin a sustainable enterprise

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