Tech gets old. It’s a fact of life. All you can do is make plans to replace an obsolete Beats products before it’s too late.

And obviously the best way to start your planning process is to know exactly when a device will become obsolete. Thankfully, when it comes to Beats products, that’s pretty easy to figure out. Here’s a complete rundown of which Beats products are officially obsolete according to Apple, and which ones will become obsolete soon.

Which Beats devices are obsolete? Apple has a list of obsolete Beats products on its website with a basic explanation for how device obsolescence works. Apple service providers will offer customer support for a product for at least five years after Apple last manufactured said product. Once an Apple product is obsolete, the company won’t help you with any repairs or other services after that. By then, you should probably think about upgrading Fortunately for you, Beats owner, the list of obsolete Beats devices is pretty short:

If you own any of those and need repairs, you better seek someone other than Apple. Sorry to say your Beats device is lost in the wilderness of tech obsolescence. However, just because your Beats device isn’t on that list doesn’t mean you’re totally in the clear.

Apple has another layer to its obsolescence program where some devices are officially designated “Vintage.” A device is vintage if Apple stopped selling it more than five years ago, but less than seven years ago. In that two-year window, you may still be able to get repairs or parts from Apple, but that’s subject to parts availability.

Oh, and this only applies in the United States. In the rest of the world, vintage Beats devices are fully obsolete instead. Here are the vintage Beats devices in the U.S.: If you own any of those products, you’re safe for a bit, but heading towards uncharted waters. It’s probably best to chart a new course by upgrading to a newer model.

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