Valorant is a game that requires so much from its players. So, irrespective of your experience level, it’s always important to be up to date with what other players know.

In this article, we will be presenting 5 Valorant tips that you probably haven’t heard of. These tips should help you constantly improve in your game. Also, here are some trusted Valorant hacks you’ll be glad you found.

5 tips and tricks on how to get better at Valorant

1.    Study as many agents as you can

There are 10 agents in Valorant. As you already know, these agents have specific abilities that are unique to each one of them. There are numerous benefits of knowing these agents and their corresponding abilities. You probably know already that such knowledge allows you to exploit any agent you choose to use to its fullest.

A commonly ignored tip is that it makes you know what to expect when you’re up against any of the agents. As a result, it allows you to take necessary precautions and further reduces the chances of unpleasant surprises. For example, knowing Omen’s Ul’s sound helps you take precautions to avoid damages or death.

2.    Learn from Advanced Valorant players

You must play the game and get a feel of what the grind is like. However, it’s of great benefit to watch other players get a push from how they approach Valorant. It also allows you to see obvious loopholes in your play and how they could be fixed.

Valorant is still in its beginning phase and may seem to have a long way to go. Professional players from similar first-shooter games have already devised ways to go about the game after several hours on their console. You should check Twitch and Mixer for streams from these veterans- it will take you a long way.

3.    Focus practice hours on shooting

You must spend more time practicing to get better at the game. But what you pay attention to during those practice hours is what’s of the greatest importance. Your shooting plays a major part in your success in the game. As the name implies, it’s a first-person shooter.

When you practice shooting, the precision of your aims is of the greatest importance. Also, note that your weapon’s recoil has a major role to play in your shots’ accuracy. So, take some time to get these two things right about your shooting. Also, note that the head should always be your target.

4.    Your sensitivity settings counts

You can’t talk about movement as a human without considering your legs. Your mouse sensitivity is that aspect of gaming that can be likened to your legs in locomotion. Ranging from the movement of your crosshair on the screen to your view, the sensitivity of your mouse plays a vital role.

If you want to get better at Valorant, you must be able to assume control of your part of the gameplay. To avoid things moving too quickly on your screen, out of your control, we advise that you keep your sensitivity level low.

5.     Master that recoil

After your first 8 to 9 shots in Valorant, you’ll notice that your crosshair is no more on target. This effect is caused by your weapon’s recoil. So, it’s of immeasurable importance to familiarize yourself with your weapon’s recoil if you want to improve your kill to death ratio.

So, after taking your first 9 shots, take a break and refocus your crosshair on target. An important thing you should take note of when mastering your recoil is to stick to one weapon at a time. It increases your mastery speed. Once you’re done with a weapon, you can move to the next and continue the process.



It can be very difficult to get a firm grasp of the basics of Valorant. One time you’re trying so hard to learn how to use your agent’s abilities, the next time, you’re trying to improve your aiming and familiarize yourself with the guns. However, the game mechanics and some survival tips are some important things you should know. So do well to study the above tips thoroughly before your next Valorant match.