Valorant Soon to Launch on Mobile Phones

Riot Games plans to launch CS:GO and Overwatch competitor, Valorant, on mobile platforms soon.

By Sayyed Shehzer Abbas

Valorant, the famous first-person shooter game from Riot Games is coming to cell phones soon. Riot Games recently announced that they are dealing with a mobile rendition of the game, however they have not revealed any details on what it will resemble or when it will deliver.

For those uninformed, Valorant is a free to-play strategic shooter that is currently only available to PC. It is depicted as a blend of CS:GO and Overwatch since it brings components from the two games. The firing and gunplay are strikingly like CS:GO, however it additionally changes it up of playable characters with their own interesting abilities, very much like Overwatch.

This is the reason Valorant draws in players from both gaming networks. The game was released in 2020 and since then it had turned into a mainstream PC title. The game is not available on any other platforms. In the past we have seen that most of the games were first released on PC and other gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox and then they had their mobile version release. But it is quite unique this time that the developers are bouncing straightforwardly to the mobile platform. Maybe this is because of the success of other games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, and PUBG that has a prominent dominance on the mobile gaming industry.

There is no doubt that the mobile gaming industry is progressing at a much higher rate. It can be easily accessed by everyone, and it does not require much high-end phones with complex specifications. Because of a larger audience, Valorant may ace on the mobile platform too.

There are collectively 4.88 billion mobile phone users worldwide whereas a survey in 2015 estimated 1.33 billion pc users. Riot Games’ move to mobile gaming would draw a huge measure of extra players as not everyone has access to gaming PCs.

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