Cleanspace Launches World Smallest Respirator

Cleanspace Respirator Have Been Protecting Thousands Of Industrial Workers From Airborne Particulates And Gases

Cleanspace Launches World Smallest Respirator

CleanSpace Technology says it has created the world’s smallest and smartest respirator. Where once these were belt mounted and cumbersome, the biomedical engineers from CleanSpace Technology developed a lightweight and compact, design that enables staff to rapidly put on their masks and freely undertake activities like bending, sitting, and getting in and out of vehicles. For the last 12 years, CleanSpace respirator have been protecting thousands of industrial workers from airborne particulates and gases. CleanSpace continues to innovate for large chemical sectors with the release of its AX filter to add to its industrial PAPR range. The AX TM2 P2 filter expands the usability of CleanSpace PAPRs in organic chemical handling within industrial settings – settings that apply to major global enterprises such as Airbus, Energy, Safran, Sanofi and Solvay.

The AX TM2 P2 filter is suitable for personal worker protection against organic compounds with a low boiling point (≤ 65°C) (e.g. methyl bromide, methanol, acetone) as well as against airborne particulates (e.g. dust, mists and fumes). The filtration efficiency for particulates is > 99.5% for 0.3µm particles or above. CleanSpace is the only PAPR available for use with an AX TM2 P2 filter.  In conjunction with a CleanSpace PAPR, the AX filter applies to workers undertaking specific low boiling point organic chemical handling in many settings, including chemical processing, pharmaceutical production, manufacturing, aerospace, industrial fumigation and energy, and oil and gas. The AX filter complements CleanSpace Technology’s wide range of particulate filters and combination particulate/gas filters.

The company has successfully received approval of the AX filter for Europe (EN12942) and Australia/NZ (AS1715). The importance of internationally recognised certifications and approvals have been highlighted recently following increased reporting of counterfeit and poor quality filtering facepiece respirator (FFRs) and personal protective equipment (PPE). US regulators recently banned one of the world’s largest manufacturers of N95 masks due to unsatisfactory quality management systems. “Respiratory protection has never been more important. Employers should be able to purchase reliable equipment and workers can wear their PPE with confidence. CleanSpace PAPRs are fully approved and widely used in industrial sectors for the protection against airborne hazards and are the best practice for high-risk settings.” CleanSpace CEO Dr Alex Birrell said.

CleanSpace Technology has designed and developed several respirator for various industries. CleanSpace ULTRA is IP Rated 66, water tolerant, making it perfect for anyone wet-cutting stone or concrete. CleanSpace EX is intrinsically safe, certified for use in potentially explosive environments, and CleanSpace2 is for use where water tolerance or intrinsic safety is not required. CleanSpace Technology supports ongoing learning, product training, fit testing to provide instructions on maintenance and care with attentive customer support.

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