Carbon SnoreX Cooling Pillow Offers Best Sleep

Cooling Relief That Reduces Sweating, And Odor-Eliminating Technology, The Carbon SnoreX Goes Above And Beyond Standard Pillows

Carbon SnoreX Cooling Pillow Offers Best Sleep

It’s no surprise that entrepreneurs need sleep to do their best work. Really, anybody needs sleep to do their best work. And yet studies show that entrepreneurs regularly struggle to get the best sleep. There could be many reasons why, from stress and anxiety to a partner snoring right next to you. Whatever it is, your best bet is to get as comfortable as possible. That’s where the Carbon SnoreX 8-in-1 Cooling Pillow comes in.

The Carbon SnoreX is rated 4/5 stars by verified purchasers and the world’s first 8-in-1 technology pillow. What does that mean? It utilizes a ton of space-age tech to help you get the absolute best sleep. It features Carbon Bamboo AirTech Memory Foam, graphene, and copper to protect against allergens and bacteria, dual arm rests for increased comfort, and an ice cool cover to always stay nice and cool, helping you avoid overheating while sleeping. Plus, the specially designed carbon bamboo charcoal helps eliminate odors, absorbs excess moisture, and regulates temperature to stay cool and cozy on your head and neck. It even purifies the air by absorbing bad odors and moisture that cause bacterial growth.

Between elite, balanced support of your head, neck, and shoulders, the cooling relief that reduces sweating, and the odor-eliminating technology, the Carbon SnoreX goes above and beyond standard pillows. It even helps promote proper spine alignment, so you wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed, even if you’ve been suffering from muscle pain or fatigue. There’s also a chance it could help treat acne and prevent breakouts, the company says. Take your sleep back under your control and don’t let it go. Right now, you can get the Carbon SnoreX 8-in-1 Cooling Pillow for 54 percent off $99 at just $45.99. Want a second one? Get two for 51 percent off $199 at just $96.99.

This news was originally published at Entrepreneur