Trivia Game Rewards CryptoCurrency To Participants For Winning

In Late October, The Company Will Launch A Mimir Quiz, The World’s First Trivia Game Powered By Blockchain Technology.

Trivia Game Rewards CryptoCurrency To Participants For Winning

Something exciting and innovative is coming out of Sweden, and it may spread around the world. No, this has nothing to do with IKEA or Abba’s reunion tour. This is a fun and addicting trivia game that rewards participants for playing and winning in cryptocurrencies! Sons of Mim is a Swedish game studio created with the vision of developing knowledge games that are built with blockchain technology. In late October, the company will launch a Mimir Quiz, the world’s first trivia game powered by blockchain technology.

As its name reveals, the game focuses on Trivia, the world’s most universal and proven game concept of all time. Being the pioneer in the cryptocurrency market, with a game that is not only accessible worldwide, Mimir Quiz has proven to attract many players from all walks of life. Mimir Quiz is on its way to being the first breakout game in the cryptosphere to gain mass market adoption. The Mimir Quiz game will allow players to enjoy two separate game modes, all in the same test application. The game modes are “1vs1” and “Tournaments”. The 1vs1 game mode will feature a version of the popular round-based Trivia game that has been around for years in mobile games. The game consists of five rounds with three questions in each round. At any time during the day, players can duel 1v1 against random opponents or friends and family.

The main attraction of the Mimir Quiz is the live streamed contest tournaments. Users around the world will be able to join in the daily quiz tournaments broadcast from Stockholm, Sweden. Live tournaments are a super exciting social experience that tests your knowledge on a wide variety of topics. Like HQ Trivia, it is a knockout game with 10-15 questions where the ultimate goal is to go all the way to be one of the winners. Instead of sitting on the couch watching people on TV answer questions and earn money, Mimir Live Quiz will let you be a part of the show! Players from all over the world will compete for big prizes in Mimir Tokens with real monetary value directly on their smartphones, all thanks to the power of blockchain technology!

Mimir Quiz has introduced a new unique feature where players can discover a Mimir model to play to win and be rewarded in Mimir Tokens for their playtime and activity, completing tasks and achievements, as well as winning trivia games. With this innovative solution to allow players to freely earn Mimir tokens with real monetary value, Mimir Quiz aims to transform the way intelligence and skillful play are rewarded. To give players the best gaming experience, Mimir Quiz game modes are available to play both for free and with a bet on each game. If a player wants to spice things up and compete for higher winnings, they can use their Mimir tokens as payment for entry fees to our live tournaments or as an additional bet on 1v1 duels against other players.

It will always be 100% free to download and comes without annoying ads, which in itself is a real game changer for quiz enthusiasts who are used to paying for premium versions or long-lasting ads on every part of the game. Many more features will be announced in the coming weeks and months as project implementation continues. The Mimir token is launched as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. It is also being designed using the Layer Two Polygon solution for scalability, efficient gas rates, and cross-chain capability. An essential part of the company’s gaming ecosystem is the Mimir token. In addition to being a utility token to use in Mimir’s trivia game, Mimir is also a decentralized governance token that can be used to vote on what the company should do next in terms of new games, software features, or commercial strategy.

In total only 100,000,000 Mimir tokens will be minted, creating a shortage that many new cryptocurrencies lack. And with the tokenomy governing token allocation, the team has set a new precedent in the market where Along with the token, each user through the registration process will create their MetaMask wallet. This will allow users to seamlessly interact with all the features of the Mimir Quiz game, including playing, betting, winning, and receiving tokens. With the innovative game-to-win model acting as the guiding light for the project, the Mimir Quiz aims to transform the way skillful and knowledge-based play is rewarded. At the end of October, Mimir Quiz will be available on both Google Play and the App Store, where users from all over the world are invited to join in the fun and excitement.

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