PESCO held an orientation session on innovative solution Electro Cure for managing the electricity distribution infrastructure

Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) held an orientation session on innovative solution Electro Cure for managing the electricity distribution infrastructure

The session titled ‘ElectroCure’ was chaired by CEO PESCO Muhammad Jabbar Khan at PESCO headquarters where advantages of this solution for all DISCOs were discussed in detail.

ElectroCure, being developed by Center for Intelligent Systems and Networks Research (CISNR ) University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar with funding from ministry of IT and Telecom, is an innovative solution for managing the electricity distribution infrastructure more efficiently.

CEO PESCO appreciated the efforts of CISNR and Ministry of IT and Telecom, and PESCO staff for supporting innovative solutions for betterment of electric supply companies.

He warmly welcomed all the participants from across the country and offered full support to facilitate both CISNR and officials from PEPCO and other DISCOs.

Dr. Gul Muhammad Khan, Director CISNR, deliberated on all aspects of the solution, provided technical, commercial and social acceptability of this new concept.

Abdullah Khan, a representative of the Ministry of IT and Telecom shared the details on how the ministry of IT and Telecom helped in development of this product over the years and transformed it to the international standards.

The officials of DISCOs and PEPCO showed complete satisfaction and support to the concept of Electro-Cure meter-less smart metering and suggested to start piloting of the project in all DISCOs, so that they can start to get benefited from this solution at earliest.

PESCO was pioneer in initiating concepts and ideas for the benefits of Supply companies over the years, they started the photo billing earlier on saving billions in terms of getting rid of over and under billing anomalies, and now meter-less smart metering to take care of most of the losses the industry is facing over the years.

ElectroCure is proving its amazing results from 2016. It is an innovative R&D product developed by CISNR.

However, it came in the spotlight, when the Cabinet Committee on Energy (CCOE) has sought a joint proposal from the Power Division and the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication on ‘Electricity Meter-less Smart Metering System’ earlier in January this year.

Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives Minister Asad Umar chaired the CCOE meeting and directed the Power Division and IT ministry to hold further discussions on the proposed design and submit a joint proposal to the CCoE.

The PEPCO has been asked to take lead and arrange an on-ground deep analysis session for all DISCOs to evaluate “ElectroCure Meter-Less Smart Metering” piloted by PESCO on Karkhano Feeder. In this succession, PESCO organized the visit to all Nominees from DISCOs and PEPCO.

The representatives visited sites of implementation and CISNR facility. In the conclusive remarks, CEO PESCO, put extensive emphasis on the adoption of new and contemporary technologies in electricity distribution, management and governance.

He ensured his kind of support in adoption of this new tool and facilitating other DISCOs from across the country.

Originally published at Urdu Point