Huawei, well known for its craftsmanship and industry-leading specifications, has a bunch of laptops selling under the MateBook series lineup. After the entire smartphone industry saga with Google services, the company decided to make the transition to HarmonyOS, an in-house operating system. Well, as for Huawei MateBook users, the only big transition in the pipeline is the Window 11 upgrade. Huawei has officially confirmed that all its MateBook series laptops will be upgraded to the new version of Windows.

Huawei's MateBook Series to get Windows 11 Update Soon

This confirmation from the official social media of Huawei on Weibo comes ahead of the October 5 launch of Window 11. Huawei confirms that all MateBook laptops with pre-installed Windows 10 are eligible for a completely free-of-cost Windows 11 upgrade.

Huawei’s MateBook notebooks are categorized into ‎‎the X-Series, the MateBook Series, the D-Series, as well as‎‎ the recently launched MateBook B-Series. We can expect the Window 11 update to air for these MateBook devices soon after Microsoft officially launches it globally.

News Windows brings a plethora of visual changes, the addition of widgets, along with an all-new Microsoft Store with the ability to run Android apps on a desktop. The next generation of Windows will have a revamped look, which will also boost productivity.

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