harmony OS

Huawei introduced its own mobile OS to the world under the name Harmony OS in June, and promised 100 models will get the stable variant.

harmony OS

According to Chinese media, this milestone of 70 million users is right around the corner. Today, the company celebrated 70 million devices switching to Harmony OS, and reports also claimed “nearly” 100 models are eligible for the update.

Users have been able to migrate to HarmonyOS since April, but the first major batch was pushed on June 2. The 70 million mark was reached in just under three months, and that’s primarily Huawei and Honor devices in China – the OS is available globally, but only on a small number of devices.

Expectations are even more devices to join the party, going all the way back to the Mate 9 series that was introduced in 2016. Huawei is also doing everything it can to keep users from migrating to other phone makers, including a physical upgrade of the storage for a nominal fee.

Already boasting over 50 million users in China, Huawei’s Harmony OS 2 is now headed to a couple of older phones in the Nova line and more specifically the nova 5i and nova 4e. The news comes two months after Huawei confirmed it plans to bring its new OS to over 100 of its older Android devices in China.

Users who want to update their device to the Harmony OS 2 beta have three options. They can head over to the My Huawei app and select the early adopter upgrade program and then enroll in the public beta. The same steps can be followed via the Member Center and Pollen Club apps.

Looking forward Huawei aims to update a large chunk of its older devices from Android to Harmony OS 2 dating back to 2016’s Mate 9. There’s still no confirmation if the update program will be available outside of China.

Source GSM Arena