iPhone 13 Touch ID – Is it time for the in-screen fingerprint sensor?

I’ve heard a lot of rumors that iPhone 13 Touch ID is coming back to the iPhone, so it feels like a problem someday. But, as some other predictions suggest, it could come after 2022.

iPhone 13 Touch ID – Is it time for the in-screen fingerprint sensor?

By mark jaction

One of the most exciting rumors I’ve heard about the upcoming iPhone 13 is the in-screen fingerprint sensor, a long-held feature of Android phones. So how likely is Apple’s next flagship phone to get it?

I’ve heard a lot of rumors that Touch ID is coming back to the iPhone, so it feels like a problem someday. But, as some other predictions suggest, it could come after 2022.

When Apple announced the iPhone X in November 2017, it switched from the fingerprint sensor of its flagship mobile phone. Since then, the most expensive mobile phones have relied solely on facial recognition. Face ID is very accurate and reliable for app unlocking and secure authentication, but users have long wanted another way.

Apple has released ‘Fix‘iOS 14.5 issue-unlocking the iPhone using a paired Apple Watch-was half the workaround because it doesn’t authenticate the app’s functionality and also requires expensive wearables.

In-screen Touch ID is not only useful in the current still masked climate, but also really useful when face recognition is too annoying. Don’t believe our words. Ask Android users, or many iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 owners who haven’t upgraded because they don’t want to lose Touch ID.

Given the strong demand for the new flagship iPhone’s in-screen fingerprint sensor, how likely is it to be on the iPhone 13?

Why in-screen Touch ID appears on iPhone 13

Indeed, we’ve heard rumors over the years that the iPhone gets Touch ID on the screen. This includes rumors that the iPhone 12 will be acquired in September 2019. Get functionality – But even that leak suggested that it could happen on a 2021 phone (aka iPhone 13) instead.

Since then, other rumors claim that the iPhone 13 will get Touch ID on the screen – October 2020, leaker Suggestion “MESA uts” has appeared on the iPhone, “MESA” is the keyword for Touch ID, and “uts” is at the bottom of the screen.

Rumors continued until 2021, with a Bloomberg report in January. Suggestion This feature was included in iPhone 13.another leak IOS 15, which will be released with iPhone 13, has proposed to support dual biometrics via both Touch ID and Face ID. This is dedicated to Apple’s next flagship phone and means getting an in-screen fingerprint scan.

Various Apple patents suggest that this feature will emerge, like the couple filed in July 2020.Optical fingerprint detection system‘This at least suggests that the company is seriously investigating the technology and is probably integrating it into the phone. Another patent also appears to be linked to Face ID rather than fingerprint detection, but the camera takes “epidermal imaging” to scan veins under the skin for more robust authentication. Suggests that you can.

Other rumors cite analysts with knowledge of Apple’s supply chain. Claim This feature is included in iPhone 13 and not only retains Face ID, but also improves it including other leaks. Suggestion The front camera is also hidden under the display, eventually removing the notch.

Why Touch ID on the screen can wait until iPhone 14 or later

Other rumors like those in early 2021 Quote Apple employee who talked to The Wall Street JournalAlthough it still suggests that the in-screen fingerprint sensor will appear on the flagship iPhone, don’t specify a time frame. Features will arrive, but may not be available for some time.

Other rumors say that this feature is more specific than not included in the iPhone 13. Well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Forecast Touch ID on the screen will be installed in the 2022 iPhone series. This probably means the iPhone 14, but it could also include a midrange successor. iPhone SE 2020..

Obviously, the rumors favor the features that come with the iPhone 13, but it also reflects the nature of the rumors themselves. This correctly predicts the existence of future features, but often makes a mistake in the time frame.

There are many reasons why Touch ID on the screen skips iPhone 13 and reaches iPhone 14. For example, if Apple hasn’t completed the implementation of the technology, or if there is a supply or manufacturing problem.

Or, Apple isn’t particularly rushing to jump into new technology, and tends to debut others and repeat new things, developing its own highly sophisticated version that only Apple will be new.

Because of that, Apple can postpone this feature as standard when it was released a few years later. Apple did this with true wireless earphones (AirPods), tablets (iPad), and even smartphones themselves, and when the first iPhone was released in 2007, touchscreens made the dominant design the market standard. did.

Even if Apple waits for in-screen Touch ID to be implemented until 2022, the iPhone 13 cannot be turned off. Given the success and sale of the iPhone 12 and all previous flagship iPhones, the phone range will sell. But with this feature on Apple’s flagship this year, you can convince Touch ID holdouts to jump and join modern smartphones.

iPhone 13 Touch ID – Is it time for the in-screen fingerprint sensor?

Originally published at Texas news today