Windows 11 Will Have Improved Accessibility, Says Microsoft

A week after the official announcement of Windows 11, future users already have some expectations about the main features of the new operating system from Microsoft. Recently, the company chose to share more details about the development of the platform’s accessibility features.

Windows 11 Will Have Improved Accessibility, Says Microsoft

In the official Windows blog post, the Redmond giant said that the platform will be accessible from its launch and, to ensure a satisfactory user experience, it adopted tests by the US Department of Homeland Security during the development of the interface. The assessed categories seek certification to Section 508, specifically designed to provide compliance across accessibility issues.

In addition to the new interface for the settings of accessibility features, there are not exactly new functions, but improvements in its quality of use. Familiar tools like “Magnifying Glass”, “Narrator” and “Hidden Legends” are present and, according to Microsoft, “will just work” in more situations — indicating more compatibility with programs in Windows 11, such as the Office suite.

Part of this increased compatibility will come thanks to Microsoft’s new partnership with “industry leaders” in the accessibility industry. According to the company, the companies have developed a new API that should improve the interaction of tools with applications, which, in addition, will also output data in a way that is more accessible to developers.

Some of these new features can already be tested in the beta version of Windows 11, currently available to users of the Insider program. Microsoft is collecting usage reports to continue improving features in upcoming OS releases.

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