By Supporting Innovative Ideas, Holding Tech & Events, Centers Will Be Platform For Develop & Promotion Of Iranian Knowledge-Based Companies.

Iran Inaugurated A House Of Innovation And Technology In The Kenyan Capital Of Nairobi In Late-January, As The First Center In Africa. By supporting innovative ideas, holding technological and innovative events, the centers will be a platform for the development and promotion of Iranian knowledge-based companies, startups, and creative industries.

The centers are mainly formed with the investment and support of the private sector to provide the necessary infrastructure for their exports through the innovation houses.

Holding seminars, events and training courses, marketing and research, sending business delegations, and holding meetings between Iranian and Kenyan companies and financial and legal services including obtaining the required standards and communicating with Kenyan business organizations such as chambers of commerce, trade unions, etc. are among the actives done in the center.

In the short time since the center started operation, 20 products and medical equipment from four knowledge-based companies have been registered in the Kenyan Ministry of Health and brought revenue of $40,000. The second shipment of Iranian knowledge-based medical equipment worth $70,000 was also sent to Kenya.

The necessary steps are currently being taken to send a container of all kinds of knowledge-based disinfection products worth approximately $20,000 to Kenya by the end of July. According to the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, a trade contract has been signed for construction products worth $40,000. Also, final negotiations are currently underway to sign a contract for mineral water production machinery.

Technological achievements of Iran

Despite sanctions putting pressure on the country, a unique opportunity was provided for business development and the activity of knowledge-based companies in the country. Currently, some 6,000 knowledge-based companies are active in the country, manufacturing diverse products to meet the needs of the domestic market while saving large amounts of foreign currency.

The fields of aircraft maintenance, steel, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment, oil, and gas are among the sectors that researchers in technology companies have engaged in, leading to import reduction. In recent years, the vice presidency for science and technology has been supporting knowledge-based companies active in the production of sanctioned items.

Iran also implemented a plan to return Iranian elites from the top 100 universities in the world, through the national model, the facilities are provided for their return, by creating technology parks, innovation centers, and factories. The plan was able to bring back 2,000 Iranian students from the top 100 universities in the world over a three-year period, amounting to 600 people a year.

Sattari also told the Tehran Times in October 2020 that “U.S. sanctions caused exports of knowledge-based companies to decline three years ago, however, it has returned to growth and is projected to reach the pre-sanctions level of more than $1 billion by the end of the current [Iranian calendar] year (March 20).

Fortunately, last year, companies achieved a record sale of 1.2 quadrillion rials (nearly $28.5 billion at the official rate of 42,000 rials), which is expected to increase by 40 percent this year.” To date, 42 knowledge-based companies with a total value of 2.8 quadrillion rials (nearly $66.6 billion) have been listed on the stock exchange and they will soon turn into the biggest businesses in the county, Sattari said.

This news was originally published at Tehran Times.