Facebook might not be opening its office in Pakistan because there is no need of it.

By Sayyed Shehzer Abbas

There are 50 million Facebook clients in Pakistan. Under the resolution, around 5,000,000 Facebook clients delivering quality substance in Pakistan particularly the young can profit by the positive utilization of Facebook and bring in cash.

The resolution was passed based on a meeting between Speaker National Assembly and the officials of Facebook. In this regards the resolution reads, “In other countries, where Facebook monetization is on, users are taking full advantage. However, Facebook monetization is not on in Pakistan. Speaker National Assembly also had a meeting with the officials of Facebook”.

The resolution also prescribed to the federal government to find ways to turn on Facebook monetization in Pakistan with the goal that Facebook use in Pakistan, particularly the young, can profit by the positive utilization of the web-based social media platform and bring in cash.

A month ago, Advisor to Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Science and Technology and Information Technology educated that Facebook is willing to start various ventures in Pakistan.

Bangash said that they had a significant gathering with Facebook’s delegate Sehar Tariq. He said that under the vision of CM KP, the region has offered full help to the famous web-based social media platform and will be actively observing that Facebook monetization is ensured soon. He educated that under the guidelines regarding CM KP they have offered Facebook to open their Pakistan office in the province and has focused on offering full help in such manner. But the opening of an official Facebook office was denied as Facebook has already been working in many countries without an official office address in the country and there wont a need of it too. The Facebook spokesperson says, “We are continuing to invest in Pakistan through dedicated teams, services to the Pakistani market, and programmes such as SheMeansBusiness (which enhances the capacity of local people). But Facebook currently has no plans to open an office in Pakistan.”