Bolt ,ride-hailing platform, has launched the #Drive4WITech. #Drive4WITech is a paid internship programme for young women in Africa

In celebrating International Women’s Month and as part of its efforts to drive more participation and inclusion for women in technology, the fastest-growing ride-hailing platform in Africa, Bolt has launched the #Drive4WITech initiative. #Drive4WITech is a paid internship programme for young women who choose to challenge the status quo and jumpstart a technology industry career.

The month-long programme, which aims to bridge the gap for women and create more opportunities for gender inclusion in the technology sector, offers 12 internship opportunities in Operations, Public Relations, Marketing and Engineering to women across Africa with three selections from Nigeria. Candidates will have the chance to start a career in tech and make a difference in the ride-hailing space.

For women to be part of this programme, they will first be nominated on social media by nominators who will make a case for why their nominee deserves an internship role with Bolt and how they can contribute to the industry if given the opportunity. In their journey to build a formidable career, the 12 recipients will be selected for internship roles in Operations, Public Relations, Marketing and Engineering with access to learning from top Bolt executives across Europe and Africa.

Commenting on the initiative, Bolt Country Manager Femi Akin-Laguda said, “The tech industry continues to be a haven for growth, and we must continue to tap into its resources to prepare for the future. At Bolt, we understand the importance of women in societal development. In commemorating International Women’s Day, we established the #Drive4WITech programme, ensuring capacity building for young women and creating a gender balance for impact in the technology and transportation sector. Through initiatives like this, we continue to show our support for women in creating a diverse and inclusive society.”

While more women are interested in participating in tech, the sector still has a long way to go to attain greater gender balance. Bolt’s internship programme will further enhance the opportunities and impact of women towards contributing to the technology sector.

The top finalists will be announced in April, and the internship program will begin in May 2021.

Originally published at Sun News