Scientists Have Found The Portal To The Fifth Dimension

A Portal To The Fifth Dimension. So, Could This Be The Entrance To The Real-Life Multiverse? I’m Getting Stranger Things-Vibes Also

Scientists Have Found The Portal To The Fifth Dimension

Scientists have claimed that they’ve found a portal to the fifth dimension. So, could this be the entrance to the real-life Multiverse? I’m getting Stranger Things-vibes also. This news comes to us via MovieWeb and I’m starting to get a bit scared. According to recent reports, scientists are trying to account for dark matter by building upon the established theory of a warped extra dimension. Here’s what MovieWeb wrote about all of this:

This is all very much over my head. I’m not much of a scientist and I do not understand most of this. What I will say is that it sounds a lot like they’ve either discovered the portal to another dimension, or in other words, the Multiverse. I tried to understand the theory behind the science, and here’s what I could gather.  It’s all to do with dark matter and fermion masses that are pushed into a warped dimension might be creating relics and may explain the 75 per cent of dark matter that we can’t yet observe. A future type of gravitational wave detector could then be the solution to identifying and observing the behaviour of fermionic dark matter. What do you make of this news? Do you really believe that scientists have actually found a portal to the fifth dimension? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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