Lidl EV Chargepoint Rollout Hits 100th Rapid Charger Milestone

The 100th Charger Milestone Also Represents Around 13 Per Cent Of The Total Lidl Footprint With Rapid Charging Facilities

Lidl EV Chargepoint Rollout Hits 100th Rapid Charger Milestone
By Robin Whitlock

Pod Point extended its partnership with Lidl GB in 2019 to install 350 rapid chargers by 2022. Lidl, which has rapid chargers in 100 stores across Great Britain, provided 1.1 million kWh of energy to power customers’ vehicles in 2020. This is enough energy to drive 4.4 million electric miles or fly around the world 177 times. It’s estimated that EV drivers using Lidl’s chargepoints have saved over 1.77 million kg of CO2 since the first installations went live, equivalent to removing 920 diesel cars off the road. The company’s rapid charger rollout represents a total investment in EV charging infrastructure of over £25 million and forms part of the store’s commitment to address range anxiety, accelerate the transition to electric vehicles and help customers to lead more sustainable lives.

Lidl’s EV customers can now charge their EVs with up to 80 percent charging capacity in 50 minutes with the retailer continuing to be the cheapest national supermarket chain for PAYG rapid charging, at 23p/kWh. “When most people think of Lidl, they probably think of food and drink” said Erik Fairbairn, Pod Point Founder & CEO, commenting on the milestone. “However, Lidl has also made an enormous contribution to rapid charging infrastructure in Great Britain. Currently 2.5 out of every 100 rapid chargers in the UK can be found at Lidl stores, and there are many more in the pipeline.” Alan Barry, Chief Development Officer for Lidl GB, added that the company is committed to empowering its customers to make the right decisions for their lifestyle and so is delighted to have reached this important milestone of bringing rapid charging for Electric Vehicles to 100 of its stores.

Lidl is also home to the most energetic public charger within the Pod Point network, the industrious ‘Nick-Bill’ at the Lidl Northolt in West London which delivered almost 40,000 kWh in 2020. The rollout is significantly expanding the public rapid charging network across Great Britain. The 100th charger milestone also represents around 13 per cent of the total Lidl footprint with rapid charging facilities, a figure that will grow to more than a third once the rollout is complete. The partnership is on track to install a further 250 rapid chargers by the end of 2022.

This news was originally published at Renewable Energy Magazine