Byos Awarded Patent For Cybersecurity Protection Technology

Byos CEO, “Our Solution Gives Organizations Unprecedented Remote Device Security And Management Capabilities In A Streamlined Way

Byos Awarded Patent For Cybersecurity Protection Technology
By Dan Chmielewski

Byos, Inc., whose award-winning solutions protect endpoints using the novel approach of hardware-enforced isolation from the risks of home and public Wi-Fi networks, announced the receipt of their Canadian patent, covering its Device and Method for Securing a Network Connection. Byos’ technology is also patent-pending in the United States, Europe, and Japan. The patent strengthens and validates the Company’s intellectual property advantages, and validates the Byos™ μGateway™ (“micro-gateway”) as the first plug-and-play security product that protects endpoints from threats on local Wi-Fi networks through endpoint micro-segmentation.

Byos has seen escalating demand for the Byos µGateway in recent months, as the work-from-home (WFH) migration has created new challenges and security issues for IT teams. As endpoints are now routinely connected to untrusted networks outside of IT’s control, the potential impacts of malware lateral movement is amplified in these networks as these threats continue to go unobstructed. The patented Byos Secure Endpoint Edge gives back visibility and control over remote endpoints, for real-time detection and prevention of these types of threats.

The patented Byos µGateway provides:

  • Micro-segmentation: providing endpoints with zero-trust access to all Wi-Fi networks, while remaining completely cloaked from other devices and threats
  • Plug & Play Implementation: to support both corporate and BYOD devices quickly and easily
  • Zero Touch Deployment: working out of the box, without additional installation or configuration
  • Secure Roaming: security that travels with endpoints and is not static to a particular environment
  • Direct Connections: traffic takes the shortest distance between two points, with no traffic backhauling, rerouting, or proxies to inhibit connection speeds
  • Cloud Management: for immediate (de)provisioning, centralized policy enforcement, and integration with the organization’s existing security infrastructure (SSO/IAM, SIEM)

“This product addresses many of the security problems inherent in using computers in a wireless environment and should go a long way in mitigating and stopping breaches on protected machines,” said Patrick Hinojosa, security technologies reviewer and Former CTO of Panda Security. “The patent reaffirms our ability to bring immediate and affordable new security to remote organizations who rely on remote workers and devices to keep their organizations running,” said Byos CEO and Founder Matias Katz. “Our solution gives organizations unprecedented remote device security and management capabilities in a streamlined way, while also allowing our customers to meet the highest levels of compliance with cybersecurity and data privacy regulations.”

This news was originally published at Business Wire