Netflix is rolling out an upgrade for its Android Viewers that will make life easier as audio is said to function much better with the xHE-AAC.

Netflix is rolling out an upgrade for its Android Viewers that will reportedly make their life a whole lot easier as the audio is said to function much better with the xHE-AAC. This particular upgrade will be able to improve Netflix sound quality. However, this is just for Android viewers.

Netflix xHE-AAC

Netflix is rolling out a good sound quality improvement for the Android phone which will significantly prove users with a much better streaming experience. According to the article by Engadget, Netflix has recently upgraded its own Android app to stream audio in better xHE-AAC or Extended HE-AAC along with MPEG-D DRC which can be quite complicated to pronounce but basically, this promises better “studio-quality” audio in a more consistent method so streamers can enjoy both watching and listening in different places.

The announcement was also officially stated on the NetflixTechBlog which detailed how the new update should excite Android users. The brand new format is said to also offer a variable bitrate that will be able to improve audio quality when users connection should allow and simply scale back whenever users are on a certain flaky cellular link.

Netflix improved audio

Loudness management, on the other hand, will prevent jarring volume changes like jumping from an all-packed action movie to a subtle and quiet drama. This would be a good compensation for those noisy environments even without the risk of having to clip the loudest sounds. Users can easily listen on their own phone’s speakers even without struggling to understand the whole dialogue.

This new change, however, is only available to Android users and has a specific requirement for them to be able to avail this particular “studio-quality” sound improvement. This means that despite being rolled out for the Android, users will still have to fit the certain requirements in order to avail this particular upgrade.

Netflix for Android

Users will need to have at least the Android 9 Pie in order to use the xHE-AAC. Although this still isn’t that useful as it could most likely be when a lot of people are chilling at home due to the ongoing pandemic, but for those doing something important at the same time, this should be able to eliminate the need for reaching for users’ earbuds in certain noisier environments.

The requirement means that for those who do not have the Android 9 Pie, they won’t be able to avail the upgraded sound quality upgrade. Certain Android units of older models won’t be able to get this update and will only be sporting the regular sound quality most people experience on Android. Although not all Netflix users might benefit from this, this is still a really good update that provides an improved streaming experience for those eligible for this update. While this is update is for Android, it has yet to be seen if Netflix plans to do this for other OS as well.

Originally published at Tech times