Apple emphasized keeping magnets away from the recently released four variants of its flagship smartphone device, the iPhone 12.

Apple has reissued another statement and Support Document that details for people to keep magnetic devices like pacemakers and defibrillators away from its devices, especially the iPhone and MagSafe Charger to avoid damage. While it is common knowledge not to keep a smartphone and magnets together (even cards), some people forget and place it within dangerous proximity with the other.

The most valuable company in the world, Apple, is making it abundantly clear again, emphasizing a fair warning regarding the relationship of its iPhone, and other gadgets and the metal-attracting component, the magnets. Technology damage with magnet is a known fact in the world today, as it can mess with the drives and circuits of any devices exposed, especially with strong ones.

The common knowledge is not to keep them together, or at least not let magnets touch the back of a smartphone or any device that has magnet enabled within its components. However, Apple enhancing that warning and makes it clear that there should be more distance from its iPhone and MagSafe charger from any magnetic devices, especially pacemakers.

Apple Warns iPhone, MagSafe with Magnets like Pacemaker, Defibrillator

According to Apple’s recently updated Support Document, the company has emphasized keeping magnets away from the recently released four variants of its flagship smartphone device, the iPhone 12. The company has posed greater emphasis on these phones as they feature wireless charging via MagSafe, which also uses magnets to transfer power at a high rate.

While damage is not the main concern of Apple, the company still advises to keep them away from each other to avoid any malfunctioning of said devices, especially pacemakers and defibrillators that are planted in human bodies. The potential risk of these devices’ malfunction would potentially be hazardous for the person, threatening life because of the interaction.

Apple said that magnets affect electromagnetic fields, along with radiowaves and their array, with the pacemaker and other in-body attachments that use radio may be changed by the iPhone 12’s magnets. The company has regarded the new smartphone’s magnets to be stronger than previous MagSafe-enabled wireless charging iPhones and would be the one to potentially affect devices.

Heart Doctors Raised the Complaint via Report

According to Heart Rhythm Journal’s recently published document, new smartphones including the iPhone 12, have increased risk against the devices that are used for health purposes, including the heart’s technology. The doctors were only warning for the increased risks as magnets included on smartphones are stronger compared to older devices. 

Apple has issued a safe distance of at least six inches from the device and the iPhone 12 at all times, especially as it is wirelessly charging with MagSafe, which makes use of the magnets, active with energy. Moreover, the company also wants to add that the safest distance is at least a foot’s length, which is 12 inches, or the length of one ruler while charging wirelessly. 

Originally published at Tech times