Samsung unveiled their Galaxy S21 earlier this week. The company also launched an updated version of their true wireless stereo earphones, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.

By Sayyed Shehzer Abbas

Although it has just been a week since its launch, the earbuds are already receiving updates. These updates bring changes in the hearing enhancement features. The new update is titled R190XXU0AUA1 and takes only 2.2 MB of space. According to the changelog, the update brings the following improvements:

  • Implemented Hearing enhancements feature.
  • Left/Right sound balance adjustment.
  • Improved Bixby voice wake-up response.
  • Improved system stability and reliability.


The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is priced around $200 and comes with an excellent active noise cancellation which detects the user’s voice and enhances the experience by analyzing the surrounding sounds. The earbuds switch from Active Noise Cancellation to ambient sound during conversations. It also has Dolby Head Tracking with 360-degree audio that, according to Samsung, allows users to experience the direction of the sound as they move their head when watching a movie or TV show. Moreover, both the earpieces, left and right, comes with a separate sound balance adjustment. The latest software improves Bixby voice calling behavior, and the company has squashed known bugs to provide stability that improves the System stability and reliability.

Other features include Auto Switch, fast charging, Qi charging, 8 hours of battery life, and offline finding. The buds are currently available for sale at all Samsung stores and cost $199.