Pandemic Tech: Upgraded Masks And Touchless Gadgets

More Companies Are Also Integrating Touchless Features Into Everyday Devices. Kohler Has A New Toilet That Offers Hands-Free Flushing

Pandemic Tech: Upgraded Masks And Touchless Gadgets
By Liz McLaughlin

Face mask fashion is getting a high-tech upgrade. Tons of new products were unveiled at the 2021 virtual Consumer Electronics Show, with many catering to our new pandemic world.

Among them is Razer’s Project Hazel.         

The clear N95 mask has lights and a built-in speaker to prevent muffled conversations.Another option for enhanced communication is the Maskfone, which also features a built-in microphone. Others focus on your health. AirPop is launching it’s “Active Plus” mask with a sensor that tracks breathing and air quality. More companies are also integrating touchless features into everyday devices. Kohler has a new toilet that offers hands-free flushing, while a no-ring doorbell from works with a weight-sensing doormat. There’s even the “Ettie” doorbell that reads the temperature of those entering.

This news was originally published at KTSM