Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in South China’s Guangdong province has applied “One ID” facial recognition technology to serve air travelers, according to the airport.

The airport has taken a pioneering role in the country, introducing the new technology under innovative efforts to build a smart airport, it said.

The One ID facial recognition technology will be initially used to serve air travelers on domestic routes. It can extend across a passenger’s entire experience at the airport, including automatic check-in and luggage checks.

It has been introduced to enhance passenger security and streamline the flying experience via smart-tech, said the airport.

The One ID technology compiles an information database for each passenger and combines identity and travel information with facial features. It can then automatically verify a passenger’s identity and flight information during procedures such as check-in, luggage checks and security screenings.

Passengers who have registered for the service can decline the airport access to their facial information at any time, said the airport.

Due to epidemic control and prevention measures, the facial-scanning devices have not been activated at departure gates to prevent passengers from gathering and removing their masks.

To streamline its services, Guangzhou Airport will continuously advance the application of One ID technology in fields such as terminal service robots and flight information display system.

The article is originally published at China Daily.