Skype Down: Thousands Of Users Around The World Called In Complaints

One Down Detector commenter said that Skype Down in App & Web. Another user stated that Skype is not working in Pakistan and that messages are not sending, and an “internal error” message pops up.

Skype Down: Thousands of Users Around the World Called in Complaints

By Sieeka Khan

Online telecommunications app Skype appears to be down for hundreds of users around the world. Users then called in to complain about being unable to make video calls and it has been hours since they were able to do so.

Skype down

According to Down Detector, within a last hour there was an overwhelming surge of reports. Around 65% of the complaints are connected to log-in issues, with 26% of complaints connected to receiving messages and 7% of the complaints relating to voice calls.

One Down Detector commenter said that Skype not working in App & Web. Another user stated that Skype is not working in Pakistan and that messages are not sending, and an “internal error” message pops up.

The outage of the app is also affecting users in the United Kingdom, with one user on Twitter stating that his Skype is not working and he can’t teach lessons and can’t call anyone because it only says “connecting.”

Many of the complaints seem to be coming from users who are in South Asia, with dozens of them from Pakistani and Indian social media users stating that they are having issues.

Meanwhile, American users both in North and South have also chimed in to stay that Skype is down for them too. One commenter stated that messages stopped sending properly and when he tried to relog, it would not load.

Both the mobile app and the desktop app are not working. An internal error message will pop up for some when they try to log in.

A commenter from Brazil said that he also can’t send messages or make calls, and after logging out, they can’t log in again. Reports of outages have also been recorded in Turkey, Belarus, Spain and Greece, indicating the issue may be Europe-wide.

Skype is a very popular telecommunications app that lets people send messages and video chat using their tablets, computers and their smart phones. Microsoft is now working on fixing the issue.

Skype’s use during the pandemic

Along with other video calling software such as Zoom, Skype has been vital during the height of the coronavirus pandemic during which millions of people worldwide were forced to work from home and study from home.

According to CNET, Microsoft states that its video chat and calling app is now seeing an increase in interest. The company stated that 40 million people are now using Skype every day, and it is a 70% increase from 2019.

The company said that it has seen a 220% increasing in Skype-to-Skype calls as well. Skype said that it tallied around 200 million active users in the first six months of 2020.about:blank

The latest data that was acquired by Skype underscores how much people are turning to technology now in the middle of the virus that has forced the world to shut down.

Hundreds of millions of people all over the world are on government-mandated lockdowns, forced home from school and work. So now people have turned to video chat apps like WhatsApp, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Apple’s FaceTime and Skype to be able to keep in touch.

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