Xbox Live server issues are impacting the service currently, with Microsoft confirming multiple issues are being investigated by their support teams.

XBOX LIVE UPDATE 2 – Make of this what you will, but the Xbox Server Status support site is showing the following message underneath the main issues that are having issues.

“We are seeing indications that we are on the path to recovery with this feature, and we expect to be back up and running shortly.”

Despite this, reports of services not working are still on the rise.

The independent outage monitor, down detector, has seen an increasing rise in reports of online connectivity not working for the service.

For those who don’t know, down detector measures outages based on social mentions.

Currently, the United States website shows a whopping 6000+ reports of users unable to use the paid Xbox Live service.

However, this doesn’t factor in the many more thousands and millions who might not be making waves online, but are having problems with the service.

More to follow. Fingers crossed the service is on the cusp of fixing itself though.

XBOX LIVE UPDATE 1 – It’s three hours on from the first reports of Xbox Live services having trouble and it doesn’t appear as though there’s any good news from Microsoft teams.

So far the official Xbox Support account on Twitter hasn’t updated users and equally, there are no further details on the Xbox Live Status page beyond the already communicated info.

As you might imagine, the vast array of users are not particularly pleased by how this is being handled or why it’s taking quite so long.

Here’s just a quick cross-section of somewhat unhappy users:

@XboxSupport @Xbox same issue that just occurred less than a week ago, how many months in a row will there be the same issue???

why does xbox live have so many issues??? a few days ago there were the same issues about evertone showing offline.

@XboxSupport @Xbox same issue that just occurred less than a week ago, how many months in a row will there be the same issue???

@XboxSupport Never known Xbox to be this god damn bad honestly. PlayStation never have these issues

Original Story Follows – Not for the first time this week, Xbox Live is having a few issues, with the console servers experiencing problems related to a wealth of services.

The main issues impacting players appears to be related, again, to friends lists, party and chat issues.

The Xbox One official server status page also lists the following problems:

“Xbox Live Core Services: Creating new accounts on Xbox Live, managing those accounts, or recovering an account on a different device”


“Social and Gaming: Managing friends lists and tracking what friends are doing”

The latest message from Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox Live support team were looking into the issues.

“We’re aware that some users are having trouble with Party Chat, viewing their friends lists & managing privacy settings. Our teams are investigating & we’ll update here & on our status page when we have more information.” A message from Xbox explained on Twitter.

Previously this week the account put these issues down to “changing privacy settings on or your console.”

But it was believed these issues were fixed.

At the time of writing there’s no saying how long these issues could last or indeed when a fix will be forthcoming.

Problems first began at around 8.30 pm BST this evening and have continued to cause issues throughout the evening.

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