Temporary Fix For Nokia 3.4 And 8.3 5G Camera Issue

At The Same Time, Changing Dates Before January 2021 For A Temporary Fix May Point Out An Expired Certificate

Temporary Fix For Nokia 3.4 And 8.3 5G Camera Issue
By Kerwin

Some Nokia 8.3 5G and Nokia 3.4 users reportedly have their native camera app crashing down after the New Year’s eve. While we haven’t experienced the issue with our units, the number of users encountering the issue seems pretty concerning. On the Nokia Community Forum, the affected camera version is said to be 97.10.1400.01, but on our 8.3 5G unit (build number 00W_1_110_SP03 with the December 1, 2020 Security Update) with the same version the app works. Fortunately, this doesn’t seem to have been originated from the hardware as users on the comment section pointed out that the camera still works using third-party applications. With that said, a camera update will be able to fix this issue.

Laura, one of the Nokia Community Moderator, already acknowledged the crash and wrote a temporary workaround users can try at the moment. This seems to work a day before, but some users said it doesn’t work with their device anymore. The instructions includes turning off “Scene Detection”, which is a feature that is turned off on our 8.3 5G device during the New Year’s Eve, which can be one of the reasons why the camera app works on our units. Nokia Mobile is already working on the fix, but if you are affected by the issue, you can try the existing workaround below.


  • Go to your settings
  • Open ‘System’
  • Select ‘Date & time’
  • Turn off ‘Use network-provided time’ (UK) or ‘Automatic date & time’ (US)
  • Adjust the date to 2020 – 12 – 30 (or earlier)
  • Open the camera which will now work normally
  • Go to camera settings
  • Disable ‘Scene detection’
  • Go back to settings
  • Open ‘System’
  • Select Date & time
  • Turn on ‘Use network-provided time’ (UK) or ‘Automatic date & time’ (US)

We don’t know what’s the real issue is for sure. At the same time, changing dates before January 2021 for a temporary fix may point out an expired certificate. Regardless, we feel sorry for the folks affected because they weren’t able to take photos and videos at New Year’s Eve because of the crash. It also came to our attention that users of the Nokia 9 PureView have been experiencing some issues with their camera for quite a long time now. According to some users, the Nokia 9 PureView produces a clicking sound whenever the camera is used. Unlike the existing camera issues with the Nokia 8.3 5G and Nokia 3.4, the camera problem with the Nokia 9 PureView may have been a hardware issue as it affects even third-party applications like Instagram and WhatsApp. Furthermore, resetting the device doesn’t resolve the issue.

According to a friend, Hikari Calyx, this issue is common with the prototype units pre-2020. He added that the failure rate of the five-camera array is too high, about a hundred prototype units were disposed in the process. There doesn’t seem to have an easy fix to this problem other than a complete overhaul of the circuit design. Basically, when the main camera fails, they will have to replace not only the full camera array, but also the motherboard. To wrap things up, Hikari also mentioned that the device haven’t received any official updates in China since May of 2019 (427CB03). Well, this is China, so we’re not sure if the “secure, and up-to-date” tagline of the Nokia Mobile exist in the region. By the way, Abdullah made a great camera review explaining why the Nokia 9 PureView isn’t a great piece of tech to buy – even in 2020.

This news was originally published at Nokia Mob