Systems Limited Awarded Federal Recognition For Its Achievements

Mr. Syed Amin Ul Haque Graced Occasion & Honored Systems Limited With A Federal Recognition. Sharing Thoughts About This Exceptional Win

Systems Limited Awarded Federal Recognition For Its Achievements

Federal Minister for Information Technology & Telecommunication, Mr. Syed Amin Ul Haque graced the occasion and honored Systems Limited with a federal recognition. Sharing his thoughts about this exceptional win, he added, “Asif Peer is amongst those who proved his mantle in the IT industry in a very short span of time. Systems team has been doing a great job and has trained professionals. IT Ministry is also working on their end to ensure that we brand IT in Pakistan more and market it globally”  Continuing the celebrations for securing a winning position in Forbes Asia’s 200 Best Under A Billion list and finishing among the top 3 best publicly traded companies on the Pakistan Stock Exchange in 2020, Systems Limited hosted an event at the Marriot Hotel, Karachi.

In order to acknowledge and certify these achievements,

the Systems Limited received the Forbes accolade earlier in November 2020 in a virtual ceremony, where 200 companies were inducted into a well-researched list from the Asia-Pacific region. Maintaining a consistent top and bottom-line growth, exhibiting exceptional performance and scoring above their peers in terms of profit growth and robust governance, Systems Limited bid farewell to the year with a tremendous win. While defying the odds and continuing surging growth in 2020, Systems Limited also won multiple honors at the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) Awards as the country’s Top IT Exporter for 2019.

“At PSEB, we are not just expecting Systems to grow further, we are forecasting it and we need to work on the supply side now”, said Osman Nasir, MD Pakistan Software Export Board while praising the company for exceptional performance throughout. Talking about how it become possible, Mr. Asif Peer, CEO and Managing Director of Systems Limited further added, “we appreciate the way government has helped us and we remained open while following protocols. We were approached by neighboring countries to take upon the additional workloads. Which is a huge Opportunity. The opportunity size is too big.”

Acknowledging and celebrating the high achievers of the region across various industries, Forbes Asia’s Best Under A Billion list chose companies from a collection of over 18,000 publically traded companies. The company achieved record-breaking revenue of $50 million in 2019, with the numbers reaching over $43 million as of September 2020. An enriched and comprehensive criterion was put in place for the screening process, such as the quality of governance, financial standing, management of the company, legal matters and so on.