STELCO introduces their Green Life Solar Pod

State Electric Company (STELCO) introduced their “Green Life Solar Pod” systems, capable of producing renewable energy through world-class solar panels, at an event held at the Usfasgandu Helipad on Wednesday night.

STELCO introduces their Green Life Solar Pod

The launch was inaugurated by the Chairman of the STELCO Board, Mohamed Rasheed.

Speaking at the event, Managing Director for STELCO Hassan Mughunee said that the “Green Life Solar Pod” energy initiative was part of STELCO’s efforts to promote clean energy alternatives, and that it was especially suited to the environment of the Maldives.

Mughunee further explained that the “Green Life Solar Pods” had been crafted after analyzing the world’s best over-water solar panel systems for both rivers and oceans, and that it was a much cheaper and more energy-efficient design.

While the standard sizes for STELCO’s “Green Life Solar Pods” are eight and 16 panel systems, Mughunee said that changes could be made to the sizes they offer based on public demand.

He also said that interested parties could begin purchasing the “Green Life Solar Pods” as early as next year.

“The anchored over-water renewable energy project STELCO conducted in the oceans of Vaavu Atoll was a critical experience in creating these “Green Life Solar Pods” as effective systems with a 25-year warranty.

We’ve created these panels to yield maximum output while taking into account the changes to energy production in solar panels due to changes in external temperature.

In addition to this, we’ve designed them in a way that many panels can be arranged together side-by-side on the ocean and connected easily to produce more energy”

~ Managing Director for STELCO, Hassan Mughunee

STELCO further revealed that these pods, created with minimum resources, have a warranty of 25 years when maintained properly. The pods contain eight solar panels of 330 Watts, and are reported to be more energy-efficient than solar panels fixed to roofs with a monthly energy output of 360 units.

The “Green Life Solar Pods” have been designed based on a plug-and-play concept; the panels can easily be connected to each other and to existing electricity grids. STELCO maintains that the panels can also be used on islands without electricity grids by connecting them to battery systems to yield the most efficient results.

Originally published at Raajje