Imran Khan, While reaffirming commitment to plant million of trees, said Pakistan eyes sixty percent clean energy by 2030.

Imran Khan has emerged as a strong global voice on the issue of climate change. He not only consistently speaks on this subject but has also taken practical steps showing his commitment for protection of environment. Addressing the Climate Ambition Summit 2020 on Saturday, he vowed to opt for nature-based solutions to mitigate climate change effects.

While reaffirming commitment to plant million of trees in next three years, he said Pakistan eyes sixty percent clean energy by 2030. Pakistan is blessed with a high potential of renewable energy resources yet so far only large hydroelectric projects and few wind, solar projects have been harnessed. Renewable Energy accounts for almost 1136 MW presently installed capacity of solar PV, wind and biomass based power projects. Possibilities also exist in promoting greater use of wind, solar and biomass project. Currently we are heavily dependent on imported fossil fuels and outdated coal technology and shifting to renewable energy entails great benefits for us. It will not only reduce our greenhouse gas emissions but also accrue immense economic benefits in the form of saving foreign exchange that we are currently spending on imported fuel.

With advancement in technology, these renewable sources provide cheapest energy, which will enable us to reduce power tariff for our industrial and domestic consumers. Such projects can also be completed in less time span. Focus on renewable energy is also likely to attract more international investment especially from China that is now one of the global renewable energy leaders.

The renewable energy solutions indeed will change the scenario globally in next few years and we have to fast track our efforts with the cooperation of other countries so that Pakistan does not lag behind in this field. The target of achieving sixty percent clean energy can be reached provided our policy makers also think and act earnestly beyond conventional dirty energy sources. The government has announced a renewable energy policy but there is a need to ease procedures and remove hurdles in the way of investment in this sector. Prime Minister Imran Khan should personally monitor the progress on exploiting the potential of clean energy. It is not less important project than that of billion-tree plantation. World financial institutions should also support our transition from expensive fossil fuels to affordable and renewable energy resources.

Originally published at Pak Observer