Suning takes down Top Esports in semifinals of LOL World Championship

Suning took down Top Esports today during the 2020 League of Legends World Championship semifinals with a 3-1 score

Suning takes down Top Esports in semifinals of LOL World Championship
By Cristian Lupasco

Lê “SofM” Quang Duy was the most important piece of Suning’s puzzle towards this victory, carrying each game with different picks. He played Lee Sin, Shen, and Jarvan in Suning’s victories, always focusing on utility-oriented builds to ensure that his carries were protected and filling a frontline role for his team.

The LPL battle began with Suning taking the lead. Even though they botched an early dive against TES, they maintained their composure and kept scaling into the later stages of the game. TES was close to Dragon Soul point, but SofM went to contest later objectives. His endurance helped Suning come back into the game and win the opening game of the series.

The second game was a reverse of the first with Suning acquiring an early lead and dragons and TES putting a stop to their Dragon Soul. With all resources invested into the Ocean Dragon Soul yet still failing to acquire it, Suning wasted time and TES capitalized on this. TES stabilized the game and went to take down Suning in the following teamfights to equalize the series.

A surprise Shen pick by SofM caught TES off-guard in the third game of the series. The pick fit Suning’s composition perfectly, denying all picks from TES once he got his ultimate. SofM looked superb and managed to carry his team to a victory, putting the series at match point in his team’s favor.

The last game was the closest with both teams investing plenty of resources early on in the bottom side. A three-minute jungler gank quickly turned into a four-vs-four teamfight, out of which Suning came victorious.

TES didn’t falter after this early game pressure. JackeyLove farmed up well to get his core items at the same time as the enemy Ezreal who got the early lead.

The Dragon Soul curse continued this game with TES acquiring the first three dragons but losing the teamfight for the Dragon Soul. This allowed Suning to stabilize the game and set the pace going forward. The game culminated with a huge teamfight with Suning taking down all of TES and finishing the series.

Suning will face DAMWON Gaming for the World Championship title on Saturday, Oct. 31. Tune in at 5am CT to see who will emerge victorious in the fight between the LPL and the LCK for this year’s title.

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