An Atari Themed Hotel To Open In Arizona And Las Vegas

Atari, Brand Forever Linked With Iconic Games Like Pong & Centipede, Will Be Theme For A Gaming-Inspired Hotel In Arizona & Las Vegas.

An Atari Themed Hotel To Open In Arizona And Las Vegas

In January, strategy organization GSD Group announced that it had won the rights to build video game-themed Atari Hotels in the US. Recently GSD gave an update, saying that the first hotels will be in Phoenix, Arizona, and Las Vegas, although there were no timeline specifics. It also has plans to build future Atari Hotels in Austin, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle.

Initially, construction on the Phoenix hotel was slated to begin in mid-2020. The coronavirus pandemic has altered timelines on all kinds of projects across industries, but GSD is still planning to build the hotels.

The global video games market is projected to grow to $293 billion by 2027, after record growth in 2020. Esports have also seen a jump in interest as other entertainment options aren’t available, or are slow to come back. Other ventures are trying to jump in on this trend, including an apartment with an esports lounge in Las Vegas.

Take a look at the renders for future Atari Hotels from design firm Gensler.

This news was originally published at business insider

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