Tesla To Offer Bird’s Eye View Through Autopilot Camera In FSD Package

Elon Musk Confirmed That A New “Vector-Space Bird’s Eye View” Is Coming To Tesla Vehicles Under The FSD Package.

Tesla To Offer Bird’s Eye View Through Autopilot Camera In FSD Package

Bird’s eye view, a vision monitoring system that renders a view of a vehicle from the top to help park and navigate tight spaces, has become a popular feature in premium vehicles and it has even moved down market over the last few years.

It is generally made possible due to an array of 5 or 6 camera around the vehicle.

That’s something that Tesla already has for its Autopilot driver-assist system and yet, the automaker never released a bird’s eye view feature.

Now CEO Elon Musk says that the feature is coming to Tesla vehicles:

It sounds like the new feature is going to be offered under the Full Self-Driving Capability package, which recently saw a price increase to $8,000.

The CEO didn’t offer a timeline on the release of the feature.

Electrek’s Take

Main main concern is that Tesla’s 8-camera array have a good 360-degree view of the vehicle, but it does have blindspots closer to the car, which is what bird’s eye view is useful for and why automakers use fish eye camera to produce them.

But maybe with vector-space, Tesla will work its physic magic to produce a usable feature with the existing sensors.

It’s also smart for Tesla to offer it under the FSD package.

The price is starting to get too high for many people for the current features and adding a feature like that , that doesn’t necessarily have something to do with self-driving, could be a difference-maker for some.

This news was originally published at electrek.co