New Leak Claims To Reveal How IPhone 12 Pro Actually Look Like

A New Leak Claims To Reveal What The Upcoming IPhone 12 Pro Will Actually Look Like.

New Leak Claims To Reveal How IPhone 12 Pro Actually Look Like

Apple almost always introduces its new phones in mid-September, and next week would traditionally be the time for the Apple event. Instead, as a result of lockdowns and other delays, the phones are expected to be pushed back into October.

The company is holding a major virtual event this week, but it is expected to instead focus on the Apple Watch and other products.

As well as a new design, it shows that the part of the phone that holds the camera lenses will be even busier than normal, with the addition of a LiDAR sensor.

Apple introduced the LiDAR sensor with its new iPad Pro, this year. It allows the device to scan its environment with laser lights that can precisely measure distances and build up a sense of physical space.

Such technology is useful for augmented reality, which Apple has been pushing heavily ahead of the rumoured release of its own AR glasses. But it can also be used for more classic photography applications, such as allowing for faster autofocus.

The addition of the LiDAR sensor means that the back of the phone is even busier than before. Apple has been gradually adding more sensors to that part of the phone, with the addition of another camera lens – bringing the total to three – in the iPhone 11 Pro last year.

The chassis also suggests that the phone could get a new slot for an antenna, which will presumably power 5G connections. This year’s phones would be the first of Apple’s handsets to include the new wireless technology.

Even if the chassis is not real, it does offer a look at what the real IPhone 12 Pro might look like. Reliable rumours have suggested that the new phone will include the more squared and iPad Pro-like design seen in the chassis, as well as the extra sensors in the camera cutout.

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