Best Games To Launch In 2020 With Ray Tracing To Real-Life Gaming

NVIDIA Has Announced That Several Popular Games Will Be Rolling Out Upcoming Editions With Their RTX Application Feature (Ray Tracing)…

Best Games To Launch In 2020 With Ray Tracing To Real-Life Gaming

Or ray tracing in common parlance – enabled on these. It comes just a few days after NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang unveiled a set of power-packed GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs, with him also calling the product’s launch as a “generational leap in the company’s history”. The very objective of ray tracing in computer graphics is to escalate the level of aspects such as reflections, shadows, and global illumination to give the user or player a closer to the real-life gaming experience.

Let us look at some of these games and what will be different with ray tracing introduced to them –


The foundation of battle royale gaming and cultural phenomenon boasting over 350 million gamers, the popular game Fortnite by Epic Games is also going to get a taste of NVIDIA’s ray tracing RTX technology and DLSS plus Reflex specifics among many others. In a bid to prominently highlight this ray tracing feature, a special creative mode map named ‘RTX Treasure Run’ will be introduced.

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War

Huang also confirmed that the first-person shooter warfare game would also be supportive of NVIDIA’s low-latency reflex technology and be available to play with ray tracing turned on from November 13. In the recently launched trailer, one could observe the deep shadows, particle effects and near realistic lighting which bounces off scenes on weapons, characters, and of course President Reagan himself.

Watch Dogs: Legion

Ubisoft’s action-adventure game will also be powered by the latest ray tracing technology. What’s more, one can now get a free digital copy of the game and 1-year subscription access to GeForce NOW cloud gaming service – if any of the new GPUs or a PC containing the same is purchased. Much like the two aforementioned games, the characters and gameplay are also set to receive a boost.

Cyberpunk 2077

The next-gen game is due to be released on November 19 across various gaming platforms and with so much of the gameplay revolving around settings such as neon lights, rain puddles, metal objects, and cars, ray tracing RTX looks to add the sheen. NVIDIA has also said that they are not only looking at items in perspective but instead incorporating the entire surroundings to apply the illumination.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

It was recently announced that the game would be getting the technology while the beta is already live with ray tracing enabling. At the moment, the settings and character reflections are only restricted to shadows but there could be further enhancements depending on the success of it. Nevertheless, the lighting model looks adept and it is set to make full use of the RTX setup.

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