atelier JAB’s Yamaha Motorcycle XS650: Luxury Italian Sport Boats

atelier JAB’s Customization Of A 1978 Yamaha XS650 Has Transformed Motorcycle Into One Reminiscent Of Luxury Italian Sport Boats From  1920s & 30s.

atelier JAB’s Yamaha Motorcycle XS650: Luxury Italian Sport Boats

 Its a cafe racer that mixes steel and aluminum with lacquered wood – varnished with 12 layers to be precise. the workshop’s founder jacques jouvin first dreamt of the idea in 2016 but had to wait until 2018 to find the perfect base. of the XS650, jouvin said, ‘I found its line, its cycle part and its engine very adapted to this customization.’ with the model set, the workshop began to create the neo-retro bike. atelier JAB’s

first things first, atelier JAB needed to strip the original parts from the yamaha XS650. the frame was first exposed and then reworked into a new shape to support the wooden sculpted monocoque. its fluid yet elegant line reflects those found on classic italian lake boats, before sinking to a leather upholstered seat towards the mid-back. the original engine tank was adapted to fit, and the oil filler cap received a special treatment composed of wood and aluminum.

by eliminating unnecessary parts, the refined chrome-effect frame was used for reinforcement and to support new features. at its center, the frame was redesigned in the shape of a water drop to hide cables. at the rear, a new polished loop ends with a recessed LED indicator that is covered with an orange methacrylate. a stainless steel replacement for the exhaust pipes completes the renovation. atelier JAB’s

the balance of wood and metal is also highlighted on the front of the motorcycle. E.NOV clip-ons support chrome-platted aluminum handlebars, whilst the handles themselves are made of custom-made turned wood. the electronic speedometer is housed in a wood and aluminum shell, surmounted by a custom mirror polished aluminum plate. elsewhere on the front, aluminum headlight brackets are hollowed out and reworked to fit the old school spotlight.

the 1978 yamaha XS650’s engine was completely restored, including a change of engine and gearbox bearings, rebuilding of the cylinder head, new pistons, and more. a new clutch with reinforced springs and a pair of new carburettors were also added. to match the performance equipment to the rest of the design, the newly fitted aluminum intake pipe was completed with an air filter in a wood finish. a black satin high temperature paint treatment was then applied.


  • PRICE: €50,000 EURO

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