12 wind power projects of 600 MW will become operational by end of 2020

Sindh energy minister Imtiaz Shaikh has asserted that almost 12 wind power projects of 600 megawatts will become fully operational and functional by this year’s December.

12 wind power projects of 600 MW will become operational by end of 2020

Addressing a press conference in Karachi today (Friday), Imtiaz Shaikh has informed that the development was in progress for 12 power projects across the wind-corridors of Jhimpir and Jamshoro. “The eco-friendly projects will be furnished by December 2020,” he added.

“Each project will have the capacity to produce 50 megawatts of eco-friendly and cheap energy from the natural wind corridors, consuming no fuel whatsoever,” he remarked

The provincial energy minister informed that Sindh has the potential to resolve the energy crisis of Pakistan. “In pursuance of the vision of Bilawal Bhutto and Chief Minister Sindh, speedy work on all the development projects is underway,” he claimed.

Globally, rapidly increasing power demand, enhance the power costs and pursuit to minimize the pollution of the environment due to the nonrenewable energy resources have stimulated to exploit renewable energy sources.

Among other renewable energy resources, the wind energy is the most dominant and indispensable choice for power generation. Being, pollution free, endless and inexpensive sources. Wind resources are rapidly raising renewable sources in both developed and developing countries.

In Pakistan and Malaysia, several scientists and researcher have been conducted research in the field of renewable energy, which consists the feasible study in renewable energy utilization.

Originally published Daily Times