Work is underway on fast track basis on 4 Hydropower projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)


These hydro power projects will be constructed at a cost of 7.6 billion to meet the country’s energy needs.

According to CPEC Authority officials, the government has taken steps on a priority basis to meet the country’s energy needs over the past two years to provide affordable and green energy to the country’s citizens.

The Krot Hydropower Project will generate 720 MW, Kohala Hydro power Project 1124 MW, Ski Kanari Project C847 MW and Azad Pattan 700 MW.

4 Hydropower projects, The construction of these hydro power plants will be an important step in overcoming the power crisis and industrial development and economic recovery.

These projects will not only generate cheap electricity but also provide employment opportunities to thousands of local people.

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