The rise of digital media players and online entertainment locally have replaced the traditional media of television as their only hub for online streaming.

Realizing the increasing demand for online digital entertainment contents, Malaya United Films & Entertainment Pvt Ltd (Pakistan) is about to launch a new era of quality online digital entertainment in Pakistan, which is committed to meet the growing demand for online digital media players and entertainment.

Mr Mufe, an OTT platform with its original, unique and new drama series, cooking shows, health shows, telefilms, children’s programs, sports shows and much more on the same platform will be provided absolutely free for Pakistani consumers.

Keeping in mind the traditional values, Mr Mufe™ offers family entertainment with fresh, original and latest content targeting users from 9 to 99 years of age group. Plus the best part is the users will enjoy the content without interruption of any ads in the middle of the Program, this is because the 45-seconds ads is only shown at the beginning of the content unlike any other free platforms in Pakistan.

Mr. Mufe is the world’s first digital entertainment platform that not only provides royalty payments to millions of locals involved in the production of Mr. Mufe’s Digital contents for the next ten years. Indirectly it will also enhance skills of Locals Entertainment Industry workers as par to international levels as well as will be creating new job opportunities in the Local Entertainment Industry to continue their livelihood.

The article is originally published at Daily Times.