Chinese technology has brought promising results of maize and soybean production in rain-fed conditions.

According to a report published by Gwadar Pro on Saturday maize and soybean in the intercropping plot in rain-fed conditions were harvested and weighed at the Research Farm of PMAS-Arid Agriculture University in Koont, Chakwal. As per the results, the yields of maize and soybean reach 7065 kg/ha and 1167 kg/ha respectively. In this rainfed field, farming completely relies on rainfall rather than irrigation while the total rainfall was not high during the crops’ growth.

Therefore, the results are especially promising and encouraging, said Muhammad Ali Raza, the post-doctoral research fellow of Sichuan Agricultural University who is promoting this advanced Chinese agricultural technology in Pakistan. “Under intercropping technology, the two crops utilize available rain water more efficiently in comparison with sole cropping system because both crops cover the total area between the rows, which significantly reduced the water evaporation from soil surface,” he added.

In sole cropping system, the yields of maize and soybean are around 8174 kg/ha and 1488 kg/ha separately. While in the intercropping system, farmers can grow soybean without curbing the cultivation area of maize. The technique makes better use of available space, increasing the amount of crops that can be harvested. Thus, intercropping technology substantially creates more profits than growing only one crop on the same area of land because soybean brings higher economic returns than maize. Having seen the satisfactory results, he suggests farmers plant maize and soybean in the coming autumn season. “Mostly people grow only one crop that is wheat in this area.

“In spring, we plant maize and soybean using strip intercropping technology and obtain very good results,” he said. Up till now, the sowing of maize and soybean under strip intercropping system has completed at the demonstration plots in Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Shakar Garh, Vehari and Bahawalpur, and land preparation has started at other demonstrations.

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