3G and 4G Subscribers Reaches High With 82.76 Million Users By The End Of July

In Pakistan, the 3 G and 4 G subscribers reported a high 82.76 million users by the end of July of this year, compared to 81.14 million by the end of June, with a rise of 1.62 million data shared by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

3G and 4G Subscribers Reaches High With 82.76 Million Users By The End Of July

But an important milestone was accomplished, when the number of mobile users in Pakistan increased by 0.77 million by the end of July, when compared to the numbers from July last year, by 168.04 million.

The Monthly next-generation Mobile Service (NGMS) penetration rises from 38.25% in June to 39.25% in July 2020, as shown by the PTA telecommunications metrics.

3G/4G Users Data shared by PTA

A total of 167,27 million in June, although the penetration of the Next Generation MobileService (NGMS) also saw a small uptick to 39,25 percent in July, from 38,25 percent in June, also saw a rise in the number of 168,04 million mobile phone users by end-July.

The volume of cellular phones has risen from 78.84% in June to 79.81%. In June 2020, broadband subscriptions rose to 84.82 million by July from 83.17 million.

In regard to cellular providers’ market share Jazz is now leading the industry by 37.6%. Telenor with 27.3%, Zong with 21.89%, and Ufone with 13.21% each.

Network Provider Data

The overall 3G jazz counting increased to 10.480 million by the end of July, compared to 10.817 million. Jazz 4G user numbers jumped from 19.062 million by the end of June to 19.982 million by the end of July 2020.

Zong 3G subscriptions reduced to 6,314 million from 6,535 at the end of June and while the number of 4G users increased to 18,131 million at the end of July 2020, from 17,507 million at the end of June.

The number of Telenor’s 3G subscribers decreased from 7.089 million in May to 6.943 million by June. The number of 4G users jumped from 10.383 million to 10.925 million during the period.

Ufone’s 3G users decreased from 5.652 million to 5.469 million, while its 4G subscribers increased from 3.657 million to 3.881 million.

The cellular mobile sector increased from 78.84 in June to 79.81 percent for everyone who lives in the area, while the broadband users increased from 83.17 million by end of June 2020 to 84.82 million by the end of July 2020.

Sharing complaint details, PTA reported that 9,735 complaints were issued, including in July 2020, by telecom customers against various network providers. 98 percent (9,587) was able to resolve by the PTA.

The reports were rendered individually by Zong customers who made the most complaints (3,235) followed by Jazz (2,646). The third-largest amount of complaints from the users Telenor (1,543), although the lowest number of complaints (1,140) from Ufone users.

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